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About me

Paulina Sayago


I'm Paulina, a family documentary photographer.

8 years ago I started photographing children's birthdays, almost accidentally, the birthday girl's uncle, brother of my beautiful friend Ru, was with a beautiful camera and didn't want to use it... lend it here! And so it began :)

I always liked Photography and for many years I saw different styles, but I always came back to the same one, Family Documentary. I love documenting the beauty of family celebrations. I love documenting love. I love to make them forget that I exist and thus arrive at the photos that I like, spontaneous.

I have prepared with:

- Courses in the Photographic Academy of Chile of; Basic photography, Lightroom, Lighting, Portraiture, Composition and color.

- Workshop Magic Congress 2019 Family Documentary Photography with Renato DPaula https://www.instagram.com/renatodpaula/

- Workshop Magic Congress 2019 Documentary style wedding photography with https://www.instagram.com/nikholesterasphotography/

- Online Portrait Workshop with https://www.instagram.com/paolapazfotografa/

- Workshop Magic Congress 2020 Wedding Photography with Fer Juaristi https://www.instagram.com/ferjuaristi/

- Workshop Magic Congress 2020 Portrait Photography with Luis Garvan https://www.instagram.com/luisgarvan/